Double Digital Detector DR System

ITALRAY X-FRAME DR-2S is a dual detector DR System, for Chest and General X-ray Applications.

It consists in a column tube stand, a bucky stand and a radiographic elevating table with 4-way floating tabletop. Flexibility and performances are granted in any application: projections with patients in horizontal/vertical position, Chest exams with minimum patient-detector distance, examinations with grid removal.


High productivity and workflow optimization assured by the two flat panel detectors and their extreme ease of use

To reduce image acquisition time and to avoid useless patient repositioning, ITALRAY DR systems are characterized by high levels of automation, allowing the automatic and motorized collimation and system positioning all around the patient, basing on the examination to be performed. With the optional FULL SYNCHRO package, all system movements are robotic and motorized with predefined working positions.The operator can therefore position the entire system for the selected projection by just pressing the corresponding button either on the remote console or on the tube stand console or on TIETON console. Furthermore all axes can be individually remote-controlled for fine positioning.

X-Frame DR can be equipped with the Image Stitching package for Full-Leg and Full-Spine imaging. The Image Stitching package is completely automatic and remote controlled, and the entire procedure can be carried out in less than one minute and with the minimum possible dose.