Patient-Warming-System PWS 72 000 New:  Reflect before you Act

Product features:

  • The Blower meets the requirements of EN 60601-1:2006, 3rd edition, becoming valid in June 2012.
  • The maximum temperature pre-selection is 46°C.
  • A multiple safety switch-off independent from each other ensures the safety of the patient
  • A fast warming is guaranteed with a special heating element (in ca. 30 sec. to 38°C).
  • Easy handling by means of clear symbols
  • Easy changing of the filter.
  • Air pressure controlled fan regulating the air in correlation to the blanket size.
  • The Blower can be fixed on patient’s bed, IV Pole and rail.
  • Thermo regulation is controlled by a thermo sensor inside the hose.
  • Whilst the operation the acoustic level is below 55 dB, this is lower than the loudness of a normal conversation
  • Because of the length of the line cord, the positioning of the Blower is possible in a large area.

The following temperatures can be prelected: Ventilation (room temperature), 32°C, 35°C, 38°C, 41°C and 46°C.
The Blower is equipped with a HEPA filter, with an efficiency of 0,3 µ (99,95%). Device detects a stenosis.