Medicor – BLF 2100

e new BABYLIFE product, Neonatal Warming and Resuscitation Table, Model BLR-2100 released by MEDICOR Elektronika Zrt. is an up-to-date device to be used in obstetric wards and intensive care units.

The temperature provided by model BLR 2100 through thermo-radiation is adjustable in a wide range while the radiator having optimum wavelength from physiologically optimum wavelength refrains the neonate from cooling down in the course of and following the necessary interventions.

Features of Model BLR-2100:

Microproccessor control, graphic LCD display, touch display-control board, alarm with LED display, APGAR display, ceramic heating elements.

Operating modes:

– Automatic pre-warm of lying surface temperature

– Manual temperature control of lying surface

– Automatic temperature control of lying surface

– Automatic skin temperature controlÂ

– The following parameters are digitally displayed on graphic LCD:

– Set (required) value of lying surface temperature or skin temperature

– Current value of lying surface temperature or skin temperature

– Set (required) temperature of heateable mattress (option)

– Current temperature of heatable mattress (option)

– Current value of second (rectal) body temperature (option )

– Set (required) oxygen concentration of the air in the neonatal head-hood (option)

– Current oxygen concentration of the air in the neonatal head-hood (option)

– APGAR time

– Current date and time

– Heating intensity in %

– Reason of possible warnings and alarms, respectively

– Trend of measured values for 3/24/120 hours retroactively

– Lighting: SPOT lamp with adjustable light intensity

Advantages of the device:


  • The electronic thermometer and thermo-regulator are highly accurate and absolutely safe
  • Required thermo-regulation modes and SET values are easy to select by pressing the relevant touch buttons and may be changed by entering the relevant code only.
  • The device measures and indicates APGAR time
  • Several alarm and warning signals


  • Steplessly tiltable treatment table toward head and leg.
  • Electric adjustment of treatment table-floor distance (option)
  • Rotation of radiating head by 30° with a locking pushbutton, then by 90° steplessly
  • Heated mattress, heating regulation between factory set limits (option)
  • Washable lying surface, sponge cushion with skin friendly cover, gel cushion for heated mattress (option)
  • Easy to clean touch button display and control board
  • Lying surface illuminated with SPOT light of adjustable light intensity


  • Heatable oxygen vaporizing unit (option)
  • Head hood oxygen-air mixing unit servo-controlling also the required oxygen concentration (option)
  • Phototherapy unit with LEDs is also available (option)
  • Lying surface with mattress suitable for operation (option)

Technical Data:

  • Mains voltage: 230 ± 10%
  • Electric safety: IEC601-1, IEC 601-2-21
  • Type: BF
  • Shock protection class: I.
  • Nominal output: 1100W
  • Height:
  • -basic configuration:
  • 1800mm
  • -adjustable configuration: 1760 – 1910mm
  • Length x width: 1200 x 710mm
  • Height of lying surface:
  • -basic configuration:
  • 910mm
  • -adjustable configuration: 870 “ 1020mm
  • Dimensions of lying surface: 775 x 610mm
  • Mass: 100kg
  • Tilting range of lying surface: ± 10° stepless

Optional Accessories:

  • Infusion stand
  • Instrument shelf
  • Heatable oxygen vaporizer unit
  • Oxygen-air mixing head hood with servo-control of oxygen concentration
  • Head fixing unit
  • Computer software for remote control
  • Storing cabinet with lower drawer
  • Gel mattress and mattress for operation
  • Rectal (T2) body temperature sensor
  • LED phototherapy unit
  • Eye mask for phototherapy