Medicor – BLF 2001

BABYLIFE brand, BLF-2001 type incubators of MEDICOR Elektronika Zrt. meet the requirements of intenational standards and those of the medical-professional demands of the new millennium

Extreme safety
The functions and operation of BLF-2001 incubators meet the requirements of IEC-601-2-19 product standard and 93/42/EEC Directive. The materials used do correspond to the hygienic and toxicological requirements and are monitored continuously.
The development, production and quality assurance of the incubator is performed in accordance with the ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 standards.

Easy access to the baby

The hood has six fully transparent windows (with iris opening upon request) and a large (upon request two) door(s). It is a possible to make an X-ray picture of the baby in the incubator, an X-ray cassette can be inserted under the cradle or on a cassette holder tray (option). The cradle with the baby on it can be placed in an inclined position (even electrically upon request) (option) and can safely be removed from the device.

Air curtain, double wall hood
In the hood of BLF-2001 incubators the air flows along the longitudinal axis of the baby’s body. When the door is opened, an air curtain develops in the door. The hood of the unit may be of single or double wall (option)

Easy operation
BLF-2001 incubators are equipped with foil-covered keyboard, graphic LCD display. Settings are easy with as low as possible number of controls. Each set and real-time measured value is constantly shown on the LCD display.

Silent operation
The noise level in the hood of BLF-2001 incubators is below 45 dBA. Opening and closing of windows are absolutely noiseless.
Air flow rate is well below the value allowed by the relevant standard.

Variable oxygen supply
Oxygen supply in the hood is controlled by a rotameter between 21-40% (option).
For intensive version an electronic oxygen servo unit provides higher oxygen concentration (option).
The incubators may be ordered also with head hood and with warmed-humidified oxygen servo control (21-95%) (option).
In the hood of intensive incubators oxygen concentration may permanently be controlled with oxygen meter, values are digitally displayed ( in a range of 0-100% ) in 1% increments (option).

In BLF-2001 incubators the weight of the baby is measured with high accuracy by an electronic scale located under the cradle, the measured value is shown on the graphic display, while data are stored (option). The height of lying surface can be adjusted electronically upon request (option).

Micro-computer control
BLF-2001 incubators are micro-computer controlled. Upon each switching on a hardware and software self-test runs. On the graphic display the possible fault is indicated.
The trend and values measured by 3-24-170 hours can be retrieved from the memory of the incubator.
The incubator may be connected to an external computer (by means of a separate software to be bought) where it can be monitored, remote controlled from, and the measured values and trends can be saved, printed off (option).
The display of BLF-2001 incubator allows easy reading, even from the distance, of the following characteristics, depending on the configuration:

  • temperature of the air in the hood
  • humidity of the air in the hood
  • skin temperature of the baby (option)
  • oxygen concentration (option)
  • weight (option)
  •  second body temperature (option)

The temperature control ranges of the incubator are as follows:

  • in normal mode of operation:
  • in case of „air control” 27-37°
  • in case of skin control 34-36°C
  • in „override” operation:
  • in case of „air control” 37,1-39°C
  • in case of „skin control” 36,1-38°C
  • Limits may be changed through a software upon the user’s request during the production of the equipment, and settings (SET) are according to the requested increments.
  • The humidity of the air in the hood is automatically controlled while the display is graded by 1% increments between 1-100. Increment of SET can be chosen between 1-10%.

Technical and electric features of Model BLF-2001

Net mass 60-80 kg (depending on configuration)
Dimensions of lying surface 580-330 mm (can be altered)
Lying surface-floor distance
-Basic version 980mm
-Upon request (option) 850-1050 mm (option 850-1100 mm)
Applicable X-ray cassette: max. 30×40 cm according to DIN 6832
Nominal ambient temperature: +20-30°C
Mains voltage: 230V +10-15% (of different upon request)
Nominal frequency: 50Hz
Nominal power consumption: 420VA
IEC-601-1 category „BF”
Shock protection class: I.

BLF-2001 Incubator versions
BLF-2001 incubators have a very wide range of configurations. The cart below shows the basic version and the available options. The incubators can be ordered with the selected combination of the different options

The basic configuration includes:
Automatic air temperature and humidity regulation; variety of warning and alarm functions; single wall hood; removable cradle to be tilted in both directions; 6 windows and a large door; transit openings; mobile stand with 4 castors (2 with brakes); lower storing shelf; micro-computer control; graphic LCD display; dispéay of set and measured values and trends; display of actual intensity of heating, date and time


  • Pull-out holder
  • Measuring, automatic regulation and display of skin temperature
  • Double wall hood and door
  • Built-in electronic scale with digital display
  • Oxygen regulation in the hood with rotameter up to 40%
  • Measuring of O2 concentration with digital display, trends storage
  • Automatic O2 regulation in hood upto 75%, digital display, trends storage
  • Automatic humidified O2 regulation in head-hood up to 90%, display, trends storage
  • Lower compartment drawer with shelf
  • Upper instrument shelf with infusion stand
  • Cradle with stepless electric tilting up to 15°
  • Electric height adjustment of foot structure
  • Pull-out X-ray tray
  • Second skin thermometer with digital display
  • Remote control (interactive operation)