Traditional Mammography

MAMMOGRAPH is Italray’s new mammography unit: the cutting edge mammograph for traditional analogue imaging, that grants cinical operator for high productivity and superb image quality and togheter with patient care and advantageous costs.

For its versatility MAMMOGRAPH is suitable both for deep breast research and for screening programs, without missing out result accuracy.

Efficiancy increase of Radiology Dept. and improvement in patient care standards, are the immediate outcomes of working with MAMMOGRAPH: the best sythesys of imaging excellent technology and a successful design.

MAMMOGRAPH is a column stand with C-arm, equipped with: high frequency x-ray generator, Molybdenum x-ray tube with 2 focal spots with Molybdenum filter, and predisposed for the following formats: 18×24 cm and 24×30 cm.

Quality and diagnostic content of image are improved with a particular compression device softly curved and with smooth lines that grants for giher patient comfort and that can be either manual or motor driven.

The optional version of MAMMOGRAPH with Isocentric C-arm can be used for stereo biopsy togheter with the proper device BYM 3D.