Digital Detector Mammography System

MAMMOGRAPH FFDM, is the new Italray solution for clinical mammography (from mammograms to stereotactic biopsy) with the strong improvement of direct digital imaging

Direct detection, allowed to the Amorphous Selenium detector improves image quality preserving image sharpness. Quality and diagnostic image content are also improved by means of a special compression device, softly curved and with smooth lines that assures patient comfort and that can be either motor or manually driven.

MAMMOGRAPH FFDM is also equipped with a double display showing values of compression effects, like applied force or breast thickness. The strong effect of a good compression is completed with the big area of Flat Panel Detector (max. 24×30 cm) and its deep resolution (2816×3548 pixels).

The system is totally microprocessor controlled and its asimmetry facilitates operator access togheter with patient control into a small place too.

Direct Digital Technology moreover allowing for better images, reduces time for x-ray image acquisition and interfaces the system both to the Hospital Information System for scheduled workflow and to DICOM printer or PACS for data storage or printing.

Italray offers also a complete mammography solution optimized for 3D Breast Tomosynthesis: MAMMOGRAPH D-TOMO.

This system is properly dedicated to three types of exams:
– Conventional mammography with 24×30 cm digital detector;
– Tomosynthesis scan;
– Conventional mammography and tomosynthesis scan with breast compression.