Traditional X-Ray Mobile System

CORSIX, is a mobile x-ray unit with new design and advanced technology, made to perform radiologic examinations and diagnostic investigations both in the department (Operating room, Sports Medicine, Plaster Room, Emergency Department, Paediatrics, Orthopaedics ) and in the ward.

CORSIX is characterized with a “dead man” BREAKING system that both facilitates the push of the unit and its positioning, and with an automatic CLOSEDOWN system that prevent the unit from remaining in ON mode for prolonged time of inactivity.

From the touch screen control panel user can select and display the radiographic technique (2 or 3 points), the collimator state, the dose value and the choosen anatomical x-ray exposure technique, stored to facilitate and shorten the setting operations requested by user.

Several models of CORSIX are available, depending on the power, on the mechanic of the x-ray monoblock arm (Corsix, CorsixR) and on the supply mode.

XFM analog version is also available whenever in need of a traditional mobile system with independent motorization and Anti-collision kit.




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