Multifunctional DR + DRF System with
Dynamic Flat Panel Detector


CLINODIGIT OMEGA is a revolutionary system that allows to perform ALL TYPES of DIGITAL RADIOGRAPHY and DIGITAL RADIO-FLUOROSCOPY EXAMS in just one single compact unit.

CLINODIGIT OMEGA is equipped with a latest-generation 43cm x 43cm (17” x 17”) DYNAMIC FLAT PANEL DETECTOR, thus ensuring exceptional image quality, unsurpassed productivity, and minimal patient dose.

CLINODIGIT OMEGA, thanks to its patented innovations, dramatically enhances departmental productivity and efficiency, while providing maximum comfort and safety for both patients and operators.

CLINODIGIT OMEGA can be classified as a new generation Remote Controlled Tilting Table properly designed and made to be used with a Radio-Fluoro digital flat panel. The original design has allowed performances not available yet on traditional Radio-Fluoro devices, from which CLINODIGIT OMEGA differentiates itself for:

1. the original Tilting Table Top Movement (the patient table can be removed from active X-ray area), this allows, moreover than the tradidional dynamic examinations typical of Remote Controlled Tables, all the X-ray examinations with minimal patient-detector distance, also for trauma patients on a mobile table.

CLINODIGIT OMEGA is the only one that can perform both Fluoroscopy and Radiography to patients on a mobile table

2. The tube stand rise allows a FFD (SID) of 200 cm, once the table has been removed from active area. This distance cannot be found in any other Remote Controlled Tilting Table.

Superb image quality – Minimal dose – Intuitive ease of use – unsurpassed patient comfort – total DICOM 3.0 connectivity – productivity enhancement


  • Guarantees superb image quality and minimal dose thanks to the extremely high sensitivity, resolution, and contrast of its dynamic flat panel detector
  • Enables department productivity enhancement since all examinations can be performer on one single unit thus perfectly adapting to varying morning/afternoon exam type mixes, with maximum return on investment and system utilization
  • Delivers an overall costs reduction thanks to its minimized space requirements and reduced training, personnel, and service costs for only one system
  • Provides unsurpassed patient comfort with its extremely low tabletop height and the capability of head-to-toe scanning, on both tabletop or external mobile table, with no patient movement
  • Is characterized by intuitive ease of use with its innovative touch-screen operator console with exam specific predefined working positions and system settings
  • Ensures total connectivity with external RIS/PACS systems via its proven and versatile DICOM 3.0 layer