Radio Fluoro Mobile System

CARMEX has been conceived with modular engineering and can be configured to perfectly match customer requirements and fit numerous applications: from orthopedics to basic surgery, from urology to cardiology, for interventional radiology to emergency departments.

CARMEX is extremely intuitive to use and easy to move even in very difficult and restricted areas thanks to its compact and light mechanical structure (extensive use of aluminum alloy) also guaranteeing a minimal footprint. CARMEX is also perfectly balanced and does not require continuous use of the brakes in normal use. Wheels are equipped with cable pushers and controlled/braked with a single handle. Thanks to the particular unit balance the front wheels can be easily lifted in order to overcome small obstacles.

The X-ray generator is microprocessor controlled and operates at High Frequency to guarantee precise and stable high tension generation. CARMEX can be equipped with both stationary or rotating anode X-ray tubes, and 9″, and 12″ image intensifiers are available, all matched to High Resolution CCD cameras for very high performances and excellence in image quality

CARMEX can work in various modes: continuous fluoroscopy, pulsed fluoroscopy, radiography, digital radiography (snap shot). Furthermore, image quality is enhanced by recursive filtering (with motion detection ) for dose/noise reduction and edge enhancement.

CARMEX can be equipped with various digital memories that range from basic LIH to advanced DSA applications (roadmapping, max-op, cine-loop) with DICOM interface. Video output and thermal printer are also available.

In all versions of ITALRAY CARMEX C-arms particular care has been taken in keeping the dose at very low levels. This is also possible thanks to accessories like motorized collimator, the laser localizers, dose meter, and virtual collimator which permits to position the image in a desired way without any X-ray emission.