Incubator & Infant Warmer

Medicor – BLF 2100


e new BABYLIFE product, Neonatal Warming and Resuscitation Table, Model BLR-2100 released by MEDICOR Elektronika Zrt. is an up-to-date device to be used in obstetric wards and intensive care units. The temperature provided by model BLR 2100 through thermo-radiation is adjustable in a wide range while the radiator having [...]

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Medicor – BLF 2001


BABYLIFE brand, BLF-2001 type incubators of MEDICOR Elektronika Zrt. meet the requirements of intenational standards and those of the medical-professional demands of the new millennium Extreme safety The functions and operation of BLF-2001 incubators meet the requirements of IEC-601-2-19 product standard and 93/42/EEC Directive. The [...]

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