PT Biotech Farma

In order to participate in developing the well-being and the quality of life in Indonesia, as well as to fulfill the demands for increasingly advance Medical technologies, PT. Biotech Farma proudly committed to distribute and provide high quality medical products and apparatuses available in market and to provide satisfactorily after sales service. Our team is filled with expertise and have a lot of extensive experience in their own field.

Since our establishment in 2003, we are continuously working to better our products and services for our customers such as improving our supply chains, high availability of spare part and technician, extensive cover and knowledge of the sales team. And we are continue to opening new partnership with vendors and so to distribute their products in Indonesia, and to maintain the harmony of the partnerships.


To become a credible company in distributing high quality medical equipment that is based on quality management, and technology advancement.


  • Do distribute and market high quality medical equipment
  • Provide a professional service and responsive after sales with the priority on customer satisfaction
  • Having a high quality personnel with high integrity, dedication, discipline and responsibility
  • High involvement with the government in improving the infrastructure of healthcare in Indonesia
  • Expertise in the Field
  • Right People in the Right Place
  • Meet the Expert
  • International Standard
  • Used Globally
  • Safety First

Biotech Farma pride ourselves with providing the after sales support and services.